About Us

Hey, I am Jasmine Rebana H . I am here to tell you how the seed of Twinkklzz is planted in me .I am from a community where girls pursue college education is a great boon back in 15 years. I was lucky I completed my Bachelor's degree and during my 2nd year of my post graduation I got married and in the last semester I got my son and my university ranking at the same time. I was working as a software engineer for 4 years . Due to my husband's work we were relocated to different state. So to support him and for my son I quit my career and became a home maker. First 2 years I was happy with that but days go on I felt very low in confidence since after studying so hard to pursue my PG in struggles and being a university rank holder.
I am a person who wish to give something to somebody who are in need of money. But asking it to my husband added to his responsibilities was really pinching. So I thought to earn some money by staying @ home taking care of my son and to lend a helping hand to someone say at least to fill a person's hungry tummy as it gives me some inner peace and satisfaction and I was able to meet  my own basic requirements. 

From my childhood I was frequently bullied very much by neighbours, relatives and typically fall into their comparison zone because of my dark skin tone was really hurting and happening every now and then. Being a dark skinned girl its been said that their parents should strive hard to save every penny for their marriage especially on gold jewellery. My parents did not escape from that prey. And it was been taught that it gives us status and security. But for me any jewellery can add an emotional connection and beauty to her own self if she wear it with confidence no matter how she looks .To overcome this I was so obsessed with my appearance what I wear and look to represent me in a presentable way irrespective of my skin tone. My knowledge of the same meticulously increased. When I realised that I have a great passion for it and love to share my opinions and ideas with others, I started selling jewellery ,clothing and more handpicked items to people around me.
Many of my friends and customers said to me that while they came across my product post (images) it gives them some relaxation and great relief from stress while viewing those colours. I can easily connect them with me for the same reason I started  this journey with a purpose. These colours ultimately erase all my negative emotions .So  I deep dive into it. Also people started buying from me more giving me great happiness and confidence and motivation. Eventually I planned to scale it up to make this website to give every women , the user friendly platform. After so many obstacles with fear & doubt eventually my little princess came into my life since more than a year now through a miraculous pregnancy journey which gives me more strength to make me think there is nothing possible in this world if we put our heart and sweat 100%. She gives me more responsibilities and want to be a role model for her when she grows with TWINKKLZZ.

Then I started this company from my bedroom by contributing my blood and sweat to work towards in bringing shine to my customers face like a twinkling star every time they wear our box full of our handcrafted jewellery from twinkklzz. What better way for us to spread happiness than bringing  smile on others face. The term Twinkklzz born with a win in its name. The name I wish from my favourite twinkling Cynius star( from my childhood whenever I feel low I go to my terrace and I share all my miseries and worries). 

Our hope is that you keep loving us the way you do and keep spreading the word about us to all your friends and family so that we can be more successful in making our vision become a reality.

 My vision is to reach every woman in this world to wear my jewellery and twinkling like a star day & night to add more beauty to her own beauty.